KBZ Bank


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The name Kanbawza is related to a traditional name of the Shan State. KBZ Bank was established on 1st of July 1994 in Taunggyi in Southern Shan State. In 1999, current management took over and reformed the organization into one of the biggest private banks in Myanmar.
As of March 2014, KBZ Bank has expanded up to 225 branches (inclusive of mini branches) all over Myanmar.
Since November 2011, KBZ Bank has been rapidly expanding into international and wholesale banking businesses – targeting multinational corporations and large local corporates by establishing International Banking Division (IBD). Through IBD, KBZ Bank has launched a series of financial services and products related to trade finance, cash management, treasury, corporate financing, international remittance and related services.
Throughout the years, KBZ Bank has consistently recognized as the market leader among private bank. KBZ is ranked #1 in term of market share, retail network, total deposit, total capital base, total assets, total paid up capital and total loans generated in Myanmar.